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Distributors of musical instruments
and accessories.
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About the company

Lutner SPb Ltd. was founded in 1998. For the first few years, the company specialized in the wholesale of the fine musical instruments and accessories primarily in the north-western region of Russia. Further, Lutner Ltd. expanded its operations by covering new regions of the country and engaging new dealers. Today, Lutner SPb Ltd. become one of the largest distributors of musical instruments in Russia.
Lutner SPb Ltd. offers a wide range of instruments and accessories of the world-known brands from America, Europe and Asia. The product variety expands continuously.
Our long-term customers include music stores, music schools, municipal culture departments and other clients, who value working with a highly reliable supplier with an impeccable reputation. Over the years, Lutner SPb achieved a tenable position in the music products market, both keeping good relationship with all existing clients and constantly expanding the number of dealers.

From Russia with Sound

Lutner SPb is the large-scale distributor of musical instruments of various Russian producers. We advertise
for sale only outstanding musical products originally Russian.
We are well aware of every barrier and obstacle faced by the small size companies trying to develop new
markets. That is why Lutner SPb considered to maintain the Russian Brands by absorbing all sorts of organizational,
representational and Customs formalities. From one side it is a noble aim, from the other pragmatic
as we do introduce top quality unique products at a good price to the customers. Our mission is to
grant the opportunity to the musicians of any professional level to purchase the Russian made high quality
musical instruments and accessories in any country.
The Catalogue contains commodities of the following producers from Russian Federation:
1. music bags for musical instruments
2. Gospodin Muzikant strings
3. AMT Electronics sound effects for guitarists
4. Balalaiker custom technologies in Russian musical instruments
5. Lutner accessories for musical instruments
6. Oktava professional microphones, telephone and microphone diaphragm cases
7. D`off guitars, balalaikas, domras
8. Voronezh Foundry bells and handbells
9. Compozitor Publishing House music papers, musical manual for self-tuition
10. Muzika Publishing House music papers, musical manual for self-tuition
11. Tuljskaya Garmonj accordions, button accordions
12. Valdai bells bells and handbells
13. Harmony Sound flutes, reed pipes, sopeli, ethnic wind instruments
14. Emuzin strings, machine heads, accessories
15. Amistar guitars
16. Workshop Potkina Jewish harps
17. Leonty drum sticks
18. Sharkunok Russian folk musical instruments
19. Hohloma Russian folk musical spoons
20. Resonance Harps treadle and levers harps
21. Fedosov strings for all kinds of instruments
22. Sintoms frets for musical instruments and workholders.
The commodities were quality, security and safety inspected. We are sure that Made in Russia productions
will take their parts on the world music market and will gain devotion and esteem of students and

Our Achievements

Lutner SPb Ltd. is a young and dynamically growing company. According to the study of the authoritative publisher Delovoy Petersburg (Business Petersburg), Lutner SPb Ltd. listed as one of the top 50 fastest growing companies of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Reported turnover for 2014 exceeded $14 million.
  • Today Lutner SPb Ltd. has over 850 dealers throughout the entire Russian territory, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.


Our Competitive Advantages

Rapid growth of Lutner SPb Ltd. is due to the following factors:
  • convenient location as Saint-Petersburg is situated at theinterception of the Russias main traffic routs,
  • long-term purchasing strategy to sustain an adequate stock level able to meet the needs of our dealers as well as adjust to the seasonal demand fluctuations,
  • close contact with manufacturers and clients,
  • supplying product variety of all price ranges for musicians of all levels,
  • receiving government-financed orders,
  • annual participation in exhibitions, competitive tendering and festivals
  • collaboration with different musicians and music bands,
  • remote information support for the dealers,
  • continuous search for new sales forms,
  • translating web-sites of the foreign manufacturing companies into Russian,
  • working with the largest online stores,
  • adopting new financial instruments while working with dealers, such as factoring, etc.

Our Mission

Lutner SPb Ltd. realizes the significance of music for shaping and development of an individual and society as a whole. We understand how important it is for every parent, who discovers childs interest in music, to tender this interest and be able to afford an instrument of a good quality to begin his or her musical education with. We know how important it is to make it possible for experienced musicians to develop their talent by offering a great variety of high quality instruments, suited for their needs. Based on the above, our company offers flexible pricing policy and expands its markets using modern computer and information technologies. The mission of Lutner SPb Ltd. is to give musicians of all levels an opportunity to buy good quality musical instruments from both Russian and foreign manufacturers at an affordable price in every part of Russian Federation.